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We had a chili cook-off last night, Becca, David, and I. Despite the fact that Becca put a ton of cinnamon in hers, she still won.

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Dave Barry! (and the lesser known Ridley Pearson)

I realized I don't write much on my blog. I'll probably just chalk it up to laziness and won't change, but it's just a thought. I think it's because when I look at other blogs, I just scan the entries for pictures anyway. Why write something down when a picture will just show it? (Unless you are Annie and outrageously hilarious). For example, Dave Barry came to the Provo Library last night for a presentation and book signing. I've been waiting for this day since I heard about it last month. Well, off and on, when I remembered it. Actually I really do like Dave Barry. (Like this and that article). Nevermind that David and I thought he was the old, gray man shuffling around the merch. We recognized him as soon as he was welcomed onto the stage by applauding (real) fans. We then proceeded to tune him in and out as he and Ridley rambled about their adventures in Disneyland and read from their Peter Pan book. (Actually, I think David was listening intently). And in the end, we decided we'd rather leave than wait for Signing Group E to be called. We later regretted this decision when we came back and could only find Signing Groups L-Q in our trash-can-pilfering attempts. We did end up getting his signature and even a few un-"staged" photos with him. Dave Barry, what a stud. What I really mean is, here are the dang pictures you even came to this blog entry for.

{This is David's excited-but-not-sketchy face}

{Our unstaged/staged shot}

{P.S. Dave Barry called me a goddess}