Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can you believe it?

My sister Heidi finally "done got hitched" (says Lealani) in LA last Saturday. What a wonderful thing. I got to see my middlest sister get married off and got to visit with my favoritest people in the whole white world, my family of course :) Here are some pictures from the weekend:

{Little Lucy}

{The view of the temple from Jason and Lealani's hotel room}

{Inedible crayons}

{A friendly honeybee}

{Heidi and Dad}

{She makes this face}

{Josh tries to make this face}

{My lovely mother}


{Mom and Susan}

{Ethan patrolling the grounds--and yes, that is blood on his shirt}

{Ilya was on my back half the day; I spoil him}

{Jason and Hannah}

{Sara and I}

{Hannah and I}

{Maria makes this face}


{Louis and Hannah}

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A tribute to


{Boys Over Flowers}

{My Lovely Sam Soon}

{The First Shop of Coffee Prince}

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Tutor Friend

Here is Minwook--my Korean friend. He made me some delicious noodles a few weeks ago and taught me a trick to eating hot noodles. You first put them in the folded up lid and then eat out of that. Apparently, it's pretty popular in Korea...

Las Vegas livin'

I'm down in Las Vegas for two weeks with my sister Sara and her family. She has four beautiful kids including two new additions--2 month old Hannah and Zach. It has been so fun to be down here with them (and also a lot of work helping to take care of newborn twins). Here are a few pictures of our adventures:



{Elise in cowgirl-bug-catchin' getup}


{A sunflower}