Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can you believe it?

My sister Heidi finally "done got hitched" (says Lealani) in LA last Saturday. What a wonderful thing. I got to see my middlest sister get married off and got to visit with my favoritest people in the whole white world, my family of course :) Here are some pictures from the weekend:

{Little Lucy}

{The view of the temple from Jason and Lealani's hotel room}

{Inedible crayons}

{A friendly honeybee}

{Heidi and Dad}

{She makes this face}

{Josh tries to make this face}

{My lovely mother}


{Mom and Susan}

{Ethan patrolling the grounds--and yes, that is blood on his shirt}

{Ilya was on my back half the day; I spoil him}

{Jason and Hannah}

{Sara and I}

{Hannah and I}

{Maria makes this face}


{Louis and Hannah}

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