Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ku Klux Klan and other beautiful bigotry

BYU is so cheap. This is my personal mantra that I have to remind myself of on a daily basis it seems. I don't really have any other answer as to why I'm attending. The mindsets are so ridiculously primitive, you'd think we'd never evolved from our primate ancestors (which I'm sad to say actually is a debated concern here alongside the reality global warming and whether or not Obama is an American citizen, both of which I would laugh at if they weren't so staunchly opposed by many of my colleagues). I usually endure in silence since I'm so outnumbered, but I think today was the real kicker (of course, I say that pretty much every day and nothing comes from it).
In my Honors 150 class we were proofreading our research papers. I have a pretty neutral topic (at least my professor and I seem to think so) comparing Bonnie Parker to other women of her day in terms of the womens rights movement. This guy grading my paper got hung up on the supposed bias in this sentence, "The flapper girls of the 20s broke through the mold that had been created over centuries of suppression with a Coco Chanel attitude." He tried to get the professor on his side saying that women don't need a vote because men and women can vote as a unit in married couples (I think my eyebrows shot up past my hairline), but she said something to the effect of, "This isn't bias, this is a commonly known fact. You don't understand the suppression of women, because you've had the vote since you've had the privilege to roam this earth." He later muttered under his breath, "And I bet you're a liberal," to which I proudly chuckled taking that as the only nice (or intelligent) thing that would inadvertently come out of his mouth.
I wish this were some isolated nutcase and I could attribute his naivete to his being so young, but unfortunately I cannot, having seen this mentality pretty much across the board when it comes to various topics on human rights, etc. I also wish that I didn't associate the bigotry of the university students with the LDS church since there is so much good in the gospel when it is lived correctly.
Someday I will live in a place where I don't have to always be on the defensive, but for now I tell myself, BYU is just so darn cheap.

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  1. I think that guy is an idiot. For one, Utah was the first state to have women's suffrage.

    I agree with some Global warming, but not to the extent of "An Inconvenient Truth." I think Evolution is for animals and not for humans though.