Friday, April 9, 2010

I love Koreans!

I made some Korean friends recently and I think they are so cool. I'm helping my friend Minwook learn English and he, Subi, and Kim are teaching me about Korean culture. Today, they cooked "famous Korean noodles" for me. So good, especially with some Kimchi on the side. They taught me how to play "go," which is apparently the most popular card game in South Korea. I also got to learn some history about the Korean War. And if you were wondering, most Koreans don't eat dogs. (There was a little misunderstanding, but it's all been figured out). Some of them have the cutest pet dogs, though. I'll have to get some pictures to post. Minwook has two adorable chihuahuas.

I also learned all about Korean music from my roommate. She showed me the coolest youtube video of a group of Philippine prisoners dancing to Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry."Check it out.

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