Thursday, June 17, 2010

hello Dr. C.

The first time I heard about Dr. C was when I went in to change my major to IR officially last week. My academic adviser warned me that PL SC 200 was one of the hardest classes in the major and that Dr. C was especially demanding.
Yesterday, he called me. Sort of. I was working in ETS answering employee calls and he called in because he couldn't send an email through Blackboard. I told him that we couldn't guarantee access to all of the BB features until the first day of classes {btw, it is university policy since BB is a third party and doesn't necessarily synch all roles until then anyway}, but he could certainly send an email through class roles in AIM. He said that that was the lamest excuse he had ever heard and hung up.
Unfortunately, he did figure out how to send an email, which I got a few hours later, detailing the requirements we have to complete before the first day of class {including reading "at least the first 17 pages" of the syllabus}. And of course he requires six textbooks.
You don't scare me, Dr. C.

{ok, maybe a teensy-weensy little bit}


  1. He sounds like an interesting specimen.

  2. haha you might not want to put his name on here because of the confidentiality contract.