Monday, August 2, 2010

More Korean stuff

Last night, I had to an awesome Korean dinner with some friends of mine. My friend Minwook and Rebecca's roommate Jiyong (I hope I spelled that right) made some fried rice and ramen for us. Mmmm...delicious :) My friend Angela (Rebecca's replacement in the Daejeon mission) and her sister came as well. It was nice to have at least one white person who can speak Korean ;) Rebecca invited her cousin (one of the 87) and a friend of mine from work came as well. It was a lovely party (this Rebecca will attest).

Also, I've found yet another Korean movie that I love. This movie was completely different from what I expected, but it was amazing. And it has Bi Rain in it--Korea's most famous triple threat.

Also, does this mask kind of remind you of Donnie Darko?

What is it with crazies and bunny masks?

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  1. Oh my goodnessssss. YES! Yes it reminds me of Donnie Darko. The first one reminds me of a public pool of sorts...or just a pool.