Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wait, wait!

{photo courtesy of The New York Times}
I'm probably addicted to NPR. Some of my favorite programs are Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation and the Weekend Editions. However, today I had the opportunity to listen to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! which has to be the all-time best that public radio can offer. I haven't heard it in so long, I forgot how great it is. And, since I have time to kill (i.e. my sister was supposed to pick me up for her bridal shower over an hour ago--it starts in 15 minutes in SLC--and I have my doubts that we will get there before it ends...), I decided to listen to last week's show. Check it out here, for yourself. I bet you'll be hooked.

I have also recently come to appreciate the satire of The Simpsons (probably the only good thing that Fox offers), which, due to my mother's influence, I used to think was a very dirty show. I liked the season finale because not only did it allude to Pan's Labyrinth, it also made fun of American Idol, which my roommates so diligently follow.

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