Saturday, July 17, 2010

soccer game.

This weekend my good friend Rebecca and I went to the last BYU men's soccer game of the season. We end up by the stadium every Friday somehow and always promise ourselves to go, but realized last night was our last chance this year. I'm not a big sports fan (and I can't say I really watched much of the game except a five second glance which happened to be when BYU made it's only goal in the whole game), but I had fun.

{cute lil' boys playing a fighting game}

{It's Becca!}

{My favorite face}

{We got a little bored at the end}


{One of the few shots where the players were still long enough to get a shot}

{I don't know}

{A little alien that we found}

{Becca brought cherries}

{So cute}

{UFO honing device}

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