Saturday, May 12, 2012


After almost nine years of vegetarianism, I've decided to finally make the switch to full veganism over the next few months (which the exception of a short hiatus while I'm in Italy). It has been an interesting journey along the way, which I've decided to document in a short essay I'm calling "Why I'm a Vegetarian," that I'll share when it's completed (within the next few days, for sure). In the meantime, my crazed obsession with new recipes continues on. In addition, I might start a "What I Ate" series to give readers an idea of the ease (and deliciousness!) a vegan diet can provide. For now, a preview of what I had for lunch.

Avocado Wasabi Salad (This was amazing! You can get the recipe here.)

Fresh Juice (I'm not a juice fanatic, but it's tasty, so when I have extra produce that I wouldn't otherwise eat raw, I toss it in my newly inherited juicer for a nice drink on the side. In this glass, I have three carrots, an apple, and the white parts of my lettuce I was going to throw away--I'm not sure the lettuce made a very big difference in flavor).


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